Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Warmly freezing

And it’s so nice that I smell winter in the air and it’s like summer in my heart.
And every snowflake that I feel trickling upon my cheeks, my eyes, my lips
comes with a thousand butterflies that pinch me slowly from within
and  all they do is tickle a joyful smile across my face.
And every gust of wind that passes right through me reveals for not more than a moment my soul,
my tiny, heavy soul and with it all the love and care you filled it with.

And I remember all that sand that burned my feet and all that sigh
and all the whispers that we would hear from the sea.
And now the snow just cools my skin and gives it scent of cinnamon, baked apples and vanilla,
And all the brown and all the blue turn into white and angel songs and what I feel turns into more.
And trees bend their branches to feel my frozen strands of hair that gently scratch my neck
and give me chills and make me shiver
just like the waves did when the sunrise was a reddish shade of orange and not a cloudy grey like now.

Oh, but I adore this sea of snow almost as much as I adore the other one or you or anything.
And I confuse this wintry realm the way that I confuse myself with humans or with real people,
and snow is harsh and sand is soft and snowmen swim across the slopes,
and lights shine like pearls and pearls shine like eyes you meet in winter nights,

and everything is warmly freezing.