Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Hello darkness, my old friend

I need to be alone
‘Cause that is how I feel
I want the strength to throw my heart away
Where I won’t hear it anymore
Because right now
It aches so damn much
That I can’t stand it
My soul is heavy once again
And all this pressure on my chest
It’s like a million thousand knives
Oh, how I hate these tears
Trickling down my cheeks,
My neck and straight back to my skin,
My ribs and lungs and veins
And everything that’s broken
Get out, you heart
And take this pain
And carry it away somewhere
Leave me alone in my despair
To fear the darkness that surrounds me
And melt along with it in silence
While all my spirits scream
Wildly inside my body
While in my head there are thoughts
That whisper to my bitter being:
“Get rid of them.
Get rid of you.”

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